Linné Sharpe, 35 years old, currently living in the mountains in Norway in a mountain city called: Hovden i Setesdal. Happily married and together we have 1  Cat – Turkish Angora of 3 years, called Daisy after Daisy Dukes (Dukes of Hazzards) and 1 cat Frankie 1 year old

The former Personal Assistant of the Art Director for CerrutiJean Paul Knott, in Paris; has for the past seven years influenced fashion and lifestyle in Norway.

Worked 4 years as Head of Mens Designer & Print Illustrator in Oslo for Holzweiler and currently working part time as HMS responsible for her family business Uleberg in the inner mountains of Hovden. It may seem kind of strange how she lives & work, 1200meters above sea line, in the very middle of Norway in the cabin & skiresort business and also in the fashion business.

Currently moved forward designing innovative and modern shops on webplattforms for http://www.soelab.no and for Setesdal the creation of http://www.setesdal.shop was made!

As a Designer of commercial products and digital pre viz artist, as well as High End 1 of a Kind pieces, Linné is a versatile Designer & traveller, a personally with boundless curiosity, eclectic taste, and cultivated independence. Her designs are inspired to portray a radical humanity. By the fascination stems from an isolated childhood spent in the Norwegian Woods, equally influenced by her time in the vibrant urban landscapes. With broad knowledge and insight within fashion & lifestyle.

She blogs about daily life, family, fashion, streetstyle, beauty, travels, people, inspirations, the cat, culinary and runways.

Want to collaborate or advertise, please contact to seek and promote your brand.


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