My first blog since 2016

Good morning everyone!

I started blogging long time ago, and it went down under since I quit Holzweiler summer of 2016.

I will now start blogging about my everyday life! I have revived my energy and is feeling stoked over living in the mountains of Setesdal!

I will talk more about my career and time in Paris and Holzweiler but not today. I need to move on and find my own inspirations again! Since summer 2016 me and my brother created I have painted only 5 pictures. But I have planned 2 Halloweens, 1 big barn birthday. I have also done more interiour designs as we moved into our first house!

Oslo Fashion Week – Holzweiler AW16 – Behind the Scenes

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“I was wondering what I could tell you about first in my blog”…

OK, I thought I’d start off with the latest news in my dream job a job I love, I am probably one of the luckiest girls in the world right now, I have the best job’s (a dream team) every colleague has a great and warm personality, looking after each other.

In the mountains where I live I have my home with an office. I have a husband and family who support me. I am so grateful for all the opportunities and freedom to follow my dreams, i couldn’t ask for more.

I thought I would begin my blog proudly telling you the story behind the scenes of Holzweiler’s Runway AW16 which I attended 10th of February 2016

Women’s wear was showing their very first show and Susanne, Maria & Andreas was in awe (proud, scared, nervous, happy and you name it) basically in the clouds and limbo-land

I was very honored to be a part of the show and also that Holzweiler took the next step wanting to make a catwalk show.

As I am the Head of Mens Designer & Print Illustrator I was curious to see the effect it all made on the crowd especially on the menswear and scarves sections.

Menswear showed their very first 6 outfits with 3 male models during the Holzweiler’s very first show. It was mainly women showing 11 models and around 30 outfits, and I can honestly say I had so many feelings and expectations around this show.

I finally on last round got to peek in the front row, yay!

Specially thanks to the male models starring Holzweiler mens panouplies: Haavard Kleppe from Team og Jacob Stubberud & Milo from Heartbreak

We have been working very hard as we all do in fashion, and Oslo Runway took great care of us so I never really got scared. Everything was always under control. Susanne & Maria were running around with a smile on their face “realizing their dreams were finally coming true”

The stylist was Veronika Heilbrunner and the Moon International that did the Creative Direction with a real world approach for the show. Marianne Haugli did the choreography, Lars Eriksen Eitran on hair  Adam &  Eva and they all are a really fun team to work with. Amazing energy they all.

Together with Rikke Stallerud, Maria Holzweiler & Susanne Holzweiler, we were steaming; lint removing, dusting, checking and making sure all the outfits were in perfect order before Oslo Runway’s team took over. There wasn’t any tailspins, meltdown frantic pandemonium situations. It all went rather swell.

A slight hiccup though… Susanne & I actually spent (probably exaggerating a little) about 2 hours on the pink dress to make it flawless, and our steamer was not quite in working order. Phew! That was hot & steamy (heat raised especial when the great looking male models entered the fitting room: P

The whole catwalk was only a few minutes long and over far too quickly. In the end all the models made a circle in the center of the room and “that moment right there” gave me a divine revelation.


Below is some of the press from the show:

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