2006 – 2009 Cerruti – Paris

SS09 catalogue_Page_19 Mise en page 1

Mise en page 1 ss09-11 cata

Here you see some designs of my work with Cerruti. I worked for Cerruti from the time 2006 until 2009 under the Art Director Jean Paul Knott.   It was a time where I had just finished my exam at Esmod and I shortly become a close assistant for Jean Paul Knott. After 1 year he entitled me his personal assistant, and I also used his private office to sit and do illustrations for him. It was a hard working but fun time! One time, I drove my black Dutch bike down the road of Rue de Rivoli, to the Camper Store. I had to get 15 pairs of same shoes for the SS09 Fashion Show for mens. I packed and scotched all boxes on top of each others as it was faster to bike through the city, then to take a taxi at this time of Aprés-Midi. I looked looked like a fool, but manage to deliver them in time for a fitting with all the handsome male models I was to able to work with!

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